Dependence on Technology vs Threat to Privacy! – 2021

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Threat to Privacy

Dependence on Technology vs. Threat to Privacy!

Technology is the new opium. Except that opium is mostly illegal, technology isn’t. Technology has literally become an essential requirement in life. From something as basic as electricity to things as modern as e-learning, technology has taken over almost every field of human endeavor and, for most of course, changed it for the better.

Technology makes things happen easier, faster, cheaper, and many times, in a transparent manner. From gadgets to cars, everything has become so deeply intertwined into our daily life that it is hard to imagine a life in an era that didn’t depend so much on technology, even for those who have lived through those times. Quite simply, our life depends on technology.

However, with technology coming into and occupying space in more and more private issues of our lives, the persistent threat of its abuse to manipulate, abuse, threaten, and rob humans have become imminent. Experts have been divided on this conundrum of ‘Dependence on Technology vs. Threat to Privacy’ for a long time. But only recently have the common people begun taking cognizance of this situation. This has also led to a variety of developments in the recent past.

Cyber Security

The biggest and most prevalent question in today’s internet-dominated world is that of cyber security. As much as companies and agencies try to strengthen the security of your information online, there will always be ways in which cyber criminals may breach that and steal it. Vital information like personal details, financial data, etc., if leaked, can destroy a person’s life completely, as has been seen many times.

Cyber security is one of the major concerns why many people still don’t depend completely on e-services, especially when it comes to the critical things in their life. The threat to the privacy and security of their data is way too serious for them to take a chance. This also creates a challenge for internet based service companies, as they lose business. But it also incentivizes research and development in cyber security and hopefully will lead to a more secure and safe internet in the future.

Privacy Concern

A recent phenomenon has been the growing privacy concern among individuals. Tech giants, including Social Networks, E-Commerce companies, and Device manufacturers, have often been accused of stealing customer data and using it to identify patterns and behaviors to assist advertising products over their platforms. While it may seem a harmless endeavor on the surface, it becomes dark when companies begin to trick customers into buying goods and services they don’t need, or to artificially inflate prices, or worse, to manipulate users’ psychology.

Threat to privacy is not only a challenge of modern life, it also infringes on the ethics of fair competition and consumer liberty. But with growing awareness about the same, the internet will have to create a better and more ethical ecosystem before it loses out on its users sooner or later.

Making Strides

Thankfully, threats to privacy and cyber security have made the policymakers realize the importance of regulating the internet world. Regulations are getting stricter with every passing day, and companies are being made to adhere to them tightly.

Also, companies like Apple are leading the way in giving users more control of their information and how they want it to be used. They are also creating devices and software that are harder to breach. All of this comes at a cost, and once the user becomes aware of the importance of it and hence becomes willing to pay the premium, more companies might follow,

The question of ‘Dependence on Technology vs. Threat to Privacy’ is here to stay and heat up. But if it happens, it will only be for the good of the world as a whole. The coming times are going to be exciting and worth watching. On the one hand, it will be exciting to see how these giants balance their business and profits with the increasing demand for privacy and security of their data; on the other hand, it will also be interesting to see how the socio-political climate changes as more and more people begin to demand action in this regard.

In all of this tussle, one would hope that the common user finds a world where they can trust technology completely, without the fears stated above.

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