5 Best Free Video Editing Software’s for Businesses

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Free Video Editing Software

5 Best Free Video Editing Software’s for Businesses

Video is considered a powerful means to increase the ranking of a business in the market. From developing explainer videos to videos that cover the mission and history of a business, this new trend is a significant way to connect and engage with a new and existing customer base. However, there are several software used by businesses for video editing purposes.

  1. Lightwork

This is a power-packed solution of video edition developed with extensive features. Its most remarkable features include multi-cam support, high precision video trimming, easy to use, contains social media templates, optimized speed, customizable interface, and has the ability to export 720p for YouTube.

For helping professionals, Lightworks also has tutorial videos to guide the editing process with the aid of the software. Furthermore, it also comprises production music and contains more than 100 effects with drag and drop to fit and fill commands; this software has advanced features. For professionals, the best advantage is that this editor supports all file formats that is MXF, AVI, and Quicktime.

Due to its free availability, it is used by 5.5 million users worldwide, creating innovative videos and eye-catching content to attract potential customers.  Lightworks can be installed on Mac, Windows, and Linux devices.


  1. Hitfilm Express

This is another free video editing software comprising more advanced features with professional-grade tools that assist in filming amazing content. This software is perfect for every individual and all professions; from beginners to business professionals, this platform provides a solution to artistic content.

This software includes tools for animation and also allows editing video and audio transition. Other software usually requires composite shots, which is time-consuming for adding transitions; however, using this, the need to develop a composite shot is not required serving as a time saver option.

Hence, two shots can be animated together with video effects. Moreover, it has cropping tools, colour pickers, and motion tracking options, and an auto-stabilizer that creates a smooth look of shaky footage. For providing professional-quality output, the software has an audio mixer that enables fine-tuning.

This software is available for Windows and Mac, but Linux users lack access to this software. There are more than 410 effects available on this software, and its user population is growing steadily, reaching about 6 million professionals taking advantage of the free-to-use software. The software is used in about 160 countries with an aim to provide every professional with a tool that helps develop something cool.

Hitfilm Express

  1. Shotcut

It is amongst an open-source platform used for video editing comprising of tutorial video collection. The basic advantage of this software is that it supports a variety of formats, including 4K, DNxHD, FFmpeg, and ProRes. With excellence in video editing, this software has extensive options for audio editing creating bass, dynamic compression, bandpass filters, and treble adjustments.

It can ideally be termed as a leading framework of multimedia providing native timeline editing and supports the user by directly importing videos into their project file instead of the media library. It can also mix and match the resolutions to create amazing videos with balanced audio, video, and resolutions. This software is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows with free access.

For video editing, this software includes extensive filters and a 3-way color correction wheel that is shadows, highlights, and Mids. There are blending modes, eyedropper tools, video, and audio fading features, track compositing, deinterlacing, white balancing, alpha channel, transition for video wipe, 360-degree video filters, and video scopes. Hence it is packed with thousands of features, making it the best option for video editors to create attractive videos to gather customer attention towards their business.


  1. Blender

Blender is a 3D suite for animation and video editions with free and open access. This software enables 3D editing along with a functional editor to meet the needs of its users. This software provides flexibility to its users because of its features assisting both naïve users and professionals. It has advanced features, including a path-tracer engine for developing animated objects with a realistic rendering.

This rendering procedure helps the user to speed up the exporting and saving of the project. For project developers, this feature eases their work and save their time. Moreover, they also comprise an extensive library of filters and effects for developing captivating content. There are about 32 slots available for adding images, videos, masks, effects, and audio to create a final masterpiece.

Colour grading, transitions, adjustment layers, speed controls, and keyframes further add to the beauty of the video. However, this software is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux. Additionally, chroma vectorscope, waveform, histogram display, luma waveform are some features incorporated in this software to make it distinct from the others. Hence the software comprises limitless customization, aiding professionals with their business.


  1. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is a professional tool used for colour correction, post-production of audio, and visual effects. With numerous production tools in a single software, it has become the choice of professionals to edit and film videos as per their desire. It allows online and offline functionality and comprises a high-performance engine for playback that is a time saver for users while trimming and editing a video.

It also supports intensive formats, including RAW and H.264. though it has an advanced version as well, which is paid but its free version is also a perfect tool for developing advanced projects. It has some remarkable built-in features that are best for picture-in-picture effects, stabilization, text, audio, zoom, and retiming. The software is also very intelligent as it can sync visual clips and audio through its auto-editing option.

There is a speed up or slow down option available in this software that provides high-quality motion in the clips. However, its is usually used by small business to attract customer by engaging them through video content to give them a brief account of the product and services offered by the business. However, this software is also available for Mac, Linux, and Windows users.

DaVinci Resolve

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