Elementor Pro Review 2021

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Elementor Pro Review

Elementor Pro Review 2021:

The free version of Elementor does not precisely lack features. Still, if you are serious about your project and want to have absolute control over your website to modify its aspects, you should go with the Elementor Pro version.

The premium version of Elementor allows you to use all the functionalities and elements available in the free version. But in addition to other block options, you will no longer be limited to using this builder within the content area.

Also, you will have access to the Elementor Pro Theme Builder functionality, with which you can customize almost any part of your sites, such as headers and footers, with the same drag and drop technology.

Having an Elementor Pro license allows you to design pages that were previously untouchable, such as the archive (for the blog, products, etc.) and the pages of a single post.

You can also create templates and use them throughout the website to gain uniformity or apply specific designs for different pages like a landing page or landing pages to sell products or services.

Are you an advanced user? That’s great! You can also create templates for different custom posts and include dynamic content through custom fields regardless of whether they are native or with plugins such as Advanced Custom Fields or Pods.

Another great advantage of purchasing an Elementor Pro license is that you will have access to a more extensive and more complete library that includes:

– Widgets

– Templates

– Blocks

Main features of the Elementor Pro plugin for WordPress:

Check out the features offered by the premium version of the Elementor Pro visual builder for WordPress.

– Embed posts from other sites and display working portfolios within Elementor layouts.

– Adapt a global widget to different areas of the site for full access.

– Include custom CSS in any Elementor blocks placed on the page.

– Include Elementor elements within widgets and sidebars for further customization.

– Incorporate slides for interactive presentations on the move.

– Customize all the content coming from the plugin for WooCommerce online stores.

– Access a broader library of blocks and templates than is available with the free version.

– Design and customize directly from the Elementor plugin taking advantage of all the editing capabilities of all the widgets and features.

– Edit and customize specifically for mobile devices.

– Comprehensive and global response capacity.

– Automate marketing tasks and integration with the leading CRM software.

– Custom fonts.

– Role manager.

– Sliders or sliders for images or videos.

– Blog specific widgets

– Expanded WooCommerce compatibility for online stores.

– Animated title for the header.

– Title with the image within the text of the headline itself.

Elementor Pro Theme Builder across the website:

It is one of the main advantages. With the pro version of Elementor, your theme builder is restricted to the predefined content area in the WordPress theme you are using, but you can visually design any section. It includes headers, footer, archive page, unique content, and all other parts of your site.

It works perfectly in any WordPress theme prepared to work with Elementor, so it does not require additional development to adapt it and get it up and running.

Creation and visual design of contact forms:

Contact form is an essential part of any website, as they are the engine of conversions and leads. The Elementor Pro forms widget is revolutionary because the entire management process is visual.

You will be able to create your forms on the front of the web, visually and intuitively, and connect them with any marketing automation or CRM platform of your choice in a few clicks.

New templates and blocks:

Elementor Pro offers many more professionally made templates and blocks that can easily be customized to create unique websites.

Templates and blocks integrate Pro widgets so that you can create pages with slides, animated headlines, forms, and other important Elementor Pro features.

More professional widgets and features:

Elementor Pro includes some vital widgets and features essential to any WordPress specialist designer, or if you are not, but you like your web project to look professional.

These additional widgets include animated headlines for an impressive layout, the Posts widget for a fantastic display of blog posts, WooCommerce widgets, slides, media carousel, and custom fonts.

Price of Elementor Pro:

There are three different plans:


2. PLUS – $99/Year

3. EXPERT – $199/Year

Elemento pro price

Any of the different price options have a 30-day money-back commitment if you are not satisfied, in addition to the following characteristics:

– 50+ Pro Widgets

– 300+ Pro Templates

– Theme Builder

– WooCommerce Builder

– Popup Builder

– Updates for one year

If you can afford it and money is not a big problem, the truth is that this is a potent tool that you will surely get a lot of use out of it.

Thus, if you are only going to create basic style web pages or that you do not intend to monetize in the short to medium term, probably the accessible version of Elementor should be sufficient for most scenarios.

In the same way, if you intend to create a professional website in which to sell services, products or monetize it in some way, it is most likely that you will end up making the necessary investment to download an Elementor Pro license to your website. Read More Affiliate commison Blogs to Webcybersecure.com

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